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  1. I have spent hours looking for an online retailer who is selling the coordinating Riley Blake Sashing Stash solids. NONE to be found! This is VERY ANNOYING and frustrating.

    • Kerry, I share your frustration. Nothing is more upsetting than rocketing along on a project and suddenly hitting the wall because some bit of it isn’t available. Happily, you can substitute Kona Cotton Solids. The current Sashing Stash colors match well with these Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids colors:
      K001-7 Tomato 7 (red)
      K001-32 Surf (blue)
      K001-1019 Black
      K001-1242 Natural (off-white)
      K001-1387 White

      You can now see swatches of these Kona Cotton Solids on The Collection page. Because colors in future print runs could differ slightly from the current colors, it would be good to use a Kona Cotton Color Card to verify matches before ordering. An excellent retail source for Kona Cotton Solids is Figg Fabrics at

    • So happy to hear that my beloved Sashing Stash has reached Australia! Readers, Stacey is the owner of Peppermint Stitches, a brick and mortar store in Brisbane, Queensland, which also sells some fabric on their website, However, when I just checked their website, I could not find anything about Sashing Stash, so they may have their red Sashing Stash only on sale in the store. You may wish to check them out.

    • The Riley Blake Pina Colada coordinated solid fabric (shown on The Collection page) is an off-white, used instead of bright white so that the red Sashing Stash fabrics have the gentler hues of the enormously popular 19th century red & white quilts, now aged so that the white has turned ivory. A matching off-white fabric is also offered in Kona Cotton Solids: K001-1242 Natural.

      On my page about Recreating an Antique Quilt: Red & White Medallion, I tell the story of my vintage red & white medallion recreation, inspired by one of the 650 red and white quilts in the collection of Joanna S. Rose, shown in a spectacular free show in March 2011 at the Park Avenue Armory, New York City. The show was sponsored by the American Museum of Folk Art. A gorgeous coffee table book, Red and White Quilts: Infinite Variety, has just come out showing all the quilts.

    • Glad you like that pattern, Laurie. It is one of my favorites too. You can make it in any size from crib to king, with the block portion using 6-inch blocks. Figure how big you’d like your overall quilt to be. Then figure the width of proportional borders (for instance, maybe 4 or 5 inches for a baby quilt, up to maybe 8 or 9 inches darker fabric plus a 1-inch lighter fabric border for a king size quilt). Double total border width and subtract from your overall ideal size. Fudge on the number of rows in your grid and the width of borders to get as close as you can to your desired size.

      A free PDF downloadable Riley Blake pattern for this quilt is available on the Sashing Stash Patterns & Ideas page. As a preview, the free PDF pattern for a 42” x 54” baby quilt made with approximately 6″ x 6″ blocks requires:
      2 and 1/3 yards (2.15 m) blue half-square triangles (C947 Blue)
      ½ yard (50 cm) light blue solid (C100-36 Ocean Blue)
      1½ yards (1.4 m) royal blue solid (C100-301 Royal Blue)
      ½ yard (50 cm) medium blue shade (C200-35 Cobalt Shade)
      Binding ½ yard (50 cm) (or use remainder of royal blue solid after cutting borders)
      Backing 3½ yards (3.25 m)

      For the hourglass square, if you use two unique blue solids that are just slightly different shades, you will get a really lovely shimmery effect.

  2. I just love the idea of something added to the sashing without having to piece it together…After all the piecing that was done, this makes the topping of the cake! Thanks

  3. I’d love to try using Sashing Stash for small art quilts and also in dresses for my small daughters, but the scale is too big for both. Is there any plan to produce Sashing Stash in a smaller-scale version?

    I am glad you have sheets of all one pattern as well as the coordinating solids. What a great idea and very helpful.

    • I’m so glad you’re excited, Stacey. Anything is possible in the future in the way of additional colors and sizes, but for now Sashing Stash has to build a reputation in the simplest possible format which will be the 5 classic pieced borders offered in 3 colorways. I urge you to explore ways to cut the existing bands in ways that miniaturize them, like using half a single checkerboard strip for a tiling effect, or the tips of the Equilateral Triangles or Half-Square Triangles to form miniature pyramids or triangles. Have fun!

    • When we started the Sashing Stash/Riley Blake relationship last fall, Riley Blake already offered solids matching the black, red, white, and off-white in Sashing Stash designs, but not the bright royal blue. Now, I’ve just had their official confirmation that “The [new] royal blue solid will be available with this line coming in October.”

    • I, too, love Art Nouveau borders, but Sashing Stash was designed to be incredibly simple, a bread-and-butter basic with no frills except those that individual quilters want to add with overdyeing, embellishment, intricate cutting, etc. It’s this simplicity that will make the line endlessly useful for years and years, an “evergreen” fabric.

    • Hi, Jayne. The motif strips run the LENGTH of the fabric so that quilters can easily cut borders for very large quilts if they buy enough yardage. Of course, it is super easy to piece long motif strips from shorter ones. The seams are virtually invisible when you sew on a printed motif edge and press.

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