Introducing the Five Classic Borders

Sashing Stash gives you row after row of the five most popular and useful sashing and border designs commonly used in the nineteenth century, all equally relevant graphically today. The focus fabric provides all five motifs; single-motif yardage is currently available for the Checkerboard, Half-Square Triangles, and Flying Geese. (When Sashing Stash proves to be the success we hope it will, the final two motifs—Squares on Point and Equilateral Triangles—will be added as single-motif yardage in the three colorways, making a classic, evergreen line of 18 fabrics.)


Checkerboard strips can be cut from the focus fabric and single-motif yardage in various widths, such as a three-row border, a two-row border, or, in the focus fabric, divided down the middle into two one-row borders. Both can produce half-row borders.


Checkerboard Colorways

The all-checkerboard yardage offers many more possibilities for using larger shapes.

Secret Garden

Cross Stitch

Half-Square Triangles

HST Colorways

Half-Square Triangles are arguably the most versatile of all classic geometrics for quilters. They appear in the focus fabric and also in single-motif yardage in three colorways.


The triangle rows exist in left-facing and right-facing versions, both offered in the “mother” focus fabric.


You can easily create both left- and right-facing triangles from the single-motif yardage by cutting either vertically or across.


Half-Square Triangles can be reassembled into both light and dark (positive and negative) zig-zag diamonds.


Or even large flying geese.

Flying Geese

Flying Geese rows come in the focus fabric and also in single-motif yardage in three colorways:

Flying Geese Colorways


Geese Take Flight

Besides creating striking sashing and borders, the “geese” in this popular nineteeth century motif can take dramatic flight in very contemporary quilts.

Squares on Point


Squares on Point are currently available only as part of the focus fabric.

Jumbo Four-Patch

Their drama can add a strong visual element to quick quilts. For example, create an unforgettable giant four-patch quilt top in under two hours. (Notice how a half-inch wide strip of the Checkerboard provides a delightful glint around the center square without overpowering it.)

Equilateral Triangles

Equilateral Triangles are also currently available only as part of the focus fabric.



Game Board

These very versatile geometrics can be used in a variety of zesty ways. First, as single rows of white triangles in “Gameboard.” Note how the positioning of two rows of light triangles also forms dark diamonds.


And Equilateral Triangles are positioned to form light diamonds in “Red & White Medallion.”

Or in opposing pairs of rows, Equilateral Triangles form a classic “Bolt of Lightning” design, with the bolt either light or dark (positive or negative), depending on how the strips are assembled. (The focus fabric presents them with a light bolt on a dark background, but this can be reversed by separating down the middle and reassembling in reverse positions.)




And finally, the row of triangles can be trimmed off along the bottom edge and inserted in a seam, so that the points float independently as in the “Pyramids” quilt using black and white Sashing Stash.