Taming Your Toiles with Sashing Stash

Do you love those elegant large-scale French Country toiles—maybe even have some packed away that you’ve never been sure what to do with? Cutting them up in little pieces for American-style patchwork would be ruthless, so they remain in your closet—until now. Let Sashing Stash bring these beauties out of storage and onto your beds and walls!

Here are two designs that can be your blueprint or inspiration for designs of your own.

One-Two-Three! Toile


This ultra-speedy design features three large toile panels, framed with Half-Square Triangles. The concept can be used for all sizes of quilts, crib to king size, with each of the 5 border designs, and using any of the three Sashing Stash colorways as well as custom overdyes. As a striking small quilt it’s an ideal first quilting project or a lovely quick gift. (Note the various geometries possible when you join Sashing Sash strips at corners. See the Turning Corners page.)

Super Star



Blocks of Sashing Stash Half-Square Triangles set off large fussy-cut triangles of your precious toile. As impressive as this quilt looks, it is made with just nine blocks plus a border! Note in the detail photo how you can use the time saved in speedy assembly to do some wowy and extravagant quilting. (Or send it to your favorite long-arm quilter and start a new quilt.)