“Any Color as Long as It’s Black”

OverdyeTiledMosaic600x439Henry Ford offered his customers his Model T Ford in “any color, as long as it’s black.” Sashing Stash currently comes in three colors, but quilters write to ask “Why don’t you offer Sashing Stash in…?” and they name their favorite colors. Chartreuse and violet, cheddar and purple, etc.

Like the Model T, Sashing Stash offerings are deliberately limited bread and butter basics. However, you CAN create Sashing Stash borders in other colors to go with your projects, whether coordinating with antique fabrics and blocks or creating an exciting modern quilt. Simply overdye!

A complete color chart in the Overdyeing section of the Enhancing Sashing Stash page shows the effects you can get by overdyeing the three basic Sashing Stash color combos with ten basic Rit dye colors. (Note that when one overdyes red with red or blue with blue, the result will not be useful, but these “duds” are left in the chart to show you all available options, good and bad.)

Coming Soon!

A skilled dye instructor is preparing a similar color chart to show colors obtainable by overdyeing Sashing Stash with procion dyes.