Geese Take Flight

Geese Take Flight, 57" wide x 72" high, by Margo Balzarini

Geese Take Flight, 57″ wide x 72″ high, by Margo Balzarini

“I made this from the free Riley Blake pattern but without removing the outside seam allowance, thus creating a double stripe on each side of the geese. The red is a mottled fabric I just happened to have in my shop, Palouse River Quilts, and it goes beautifully. It’s not quilted yet, but it is garnering lots of interest from customers!”
Margo Balzarini, Colfax, WA,

Enormous variations are possible:

For larger quilts, consider seven or more vertical panels of geese for king-size or queen-size quilts. Use many colors, a single color, or alternating colors. Even use geese strips running side to side.